I called Yoav, CEO and Co-Founder of Cannonball Winery, while I was visiting with my family with the intention of saying hi and setting up a tasting at the winery. He surprised me and did two better! We set up a day and time to meet at the office, and to get in touch with Dennis, Wine Maker and Co-Founder.

I met with Yoav a few days later at the office and he took me to Evvia – ranked as one of the best restaurants in San Francisco and Peninsula region. The food was amazing, and the wine, Astrolabe Pinot Noir represented by Cannonball, the perfect accompaniment.

Yoav and I talked more about life then wine. We did talk a bit about market, marketing and then of course, the philosophy. This is one aspect of the company and the wine I remember most – Cannonball philosophy. The idea of being the everyday wine. Like the image on the label. A young boy doing a “cannonball” into waves of water. This image can symbolize many things: being young again or young at heart, splashing your cares away, enjoying yourself, having fun, and even living in the moment. These everyday moments are what we can celebrate everyday with and affordable and versatile wine. This is what Cannonball represents!

It was this philosophy and the heartfelt way Yoav explained it when visiting Toronto and touring with the distribution company to businesses that stuck with me. It’s something, I feel, everyone can relate to. It’s something that can easily resonate with so many people. By having such a relatable philosophy, I believe it makes the wine more approachable. Approachable wine in terms of flavour, intensity and understanding, makes for a better spread of the market.

Yoav and I finished our meals (crisp salad and lamb) and left the restaurant. Our conversation had me thinking even more about wine and the wine industry. It also got me even more excited to be meeting Dennis just two days later for some more insight into the winery! More to come about Cannonball!