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Spontaneity is the spice of life, so the saying goes. And for the next two weeks I will be breathing in and enjoying the full spice collection of life (though some minimal planning has been necessary). I decided in the middle of the summer to book a trip to sunny California for two weeks with the intention of doing as much wine tasting as possible. Over the six months I had to plan this trip of mine, I did very little then notify my friends and family in the area of my pending visit – and this has suited me just fine! Now I am here, sitting at a cafe in sunny (but a little chilly) San Carlos lining up my days with as much wine, food, friends, and family as I possibly can.

Now, the scale of Napa and Sonoma is quite expansive, and not necessarily equal to the time I have to travel them. Several day trips into the regions have been lined up, which will provide decent coverage of the regions and wineries there. Starting on Sunday the 28th of December will be the first coverage of Napa. Travelling with my friends in the San Carlos area, we will visit some of their favourites and whatever suits us along the way. The 29th and 30th will bring trips into Sonoma and back again to Napa. The next planned excursion is not necessarily wine focused (though I am certain I will find some wine along the way) but rather a trip down the 101 highway to stop in Santa Barbara and continue through to Norco county to spend the weekend with my extended family. Then I will be heading back into Sonoma (at least) for another day trip to experience even more!

Tonight will be my first taste of San Francisco. I’ll be taking a little tour of the city and finding a delicious restaurant along the way. Not much more you can ask for than good food and good wine! So I will be saying cheers to spontaneity and articling my journeys and experiences along the way! Here I come California!