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The other day I purchased a case of Conundrum half bottles for the restaurant I’m working at. There was no detail as to whether it was white or red, just my assumption on it being the red. A week later, the wine showed up. I took downstairs and began to open the box and put the wine away. It was then I realized the wine was white. Now, I had tried the Conundrum red blend before, but never the white, until yesterday.

Rogers & Company is the wine distribution company in Ontario for Conundrum. Yesterday, they hosted their thank you profile tasting. I attended, and was able to re-taste the wines I had previously tasted, and taste new members of their profile. It was a fantastic event!

The Wagner Family was represented there, which gave me the opportunity to taste the Conundrum White Blend. Now, I had been there for a good 40 minutes and tasted some white and some red, and some pretty heavy reds by this point. I made my way over to try the White. Wow, what a blend! The nose is so beautifully floral, vibrant and fresh. Purfumated like Gewürztraminer, tropical like Alsatian Riesling, classic minerality of Muscat and Semillion. The nose so tempting and vibrant I took my first sip. What a refreshing and vibrant wine! Just as a traditional Gewürztraminer with such a sweet nose yet super high acidity. It definitely awoke the senses! Flavours of white peach, apricot, lilac, honey, and lemon. So much happening, and yet so crisp and refreshing. Due to its blend – which is kept secret – it is a very versatile wine. It would pair perfectly with seafood, but also compliment desserts.

It was a wonderful day to taste wine, and to be surprised by different wines. Cheers!