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Ever had that wine at a tasting that just sticks with you? You think about how wonderful it was, the flavours and feelings in brought forth, everything swirling together? Well, just this past week I tasted a wine that has stuck with me. Full of rich, unexpected flavours. The Moss Roxx Ancient Vine Zinfandel.

This dry elixir was so surprisingly rich, not jammy or overly fruity but displayed an all-around richness and depth. The colour was a deep purple-garnet, and so rich it clung to the glass as I swirled it around. The aromas that escaped the glass were those of dried fig, dark chocolate, and  black cherry. Further nosing identified aromas of blackcurrant, blackberry, prune, a slight hazelnut nuttiness, and vanilla bean. Once sipped there is just no other flavour that could compare instantly after! Everything that was on the nose follows through on the palate. Sip after sip the flavour intensifies and the richness clings.

The best part of this wine, is I get to enjoy it again! My friend bought me a bottle for my birthday, and I cannot wait to crack the bottle and taste everything again!