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I recently went to the LCBO with a friend. Like I often do I was searching through the Vintages section in the “last of” bins. You can often find some neat finds in this bin that you might not of otherwise noticed.

Now we were on a budget, not looking for anything too pricey, but still something delicious. What do we come across? An Italian Primitivo. This is a varietal that I had tried before and it spoke to me. When I saw the bottle I couldn’t resist grabbing the last bottle, and I am certainly glad I didn’t.

This particular Primitivo is produced by Poderi Angelini, the 2008 vintage and is a DOC wine. As soon as the bottle was open the aroma filled the room, but the true nose and flavours could not be deciphered solely on that. First, the colour of the wine was deep and rich garnet with a ripe cherry rim. The rim also displayed some tearing, in this case I would suggest age, not necessarily quality. (Of course I originally skipped colour all together until I tasted the wine – I was just too impatient!) Next, the nose was rich and botanical, with the distinct oxidation of Italian wines. It was mostly fruit dominant, with light oak hints in vanilla, hazelnut latte and slight tobacco. Notes of cherry, cassis, dried figs, blackberry preserve were ripe and forward. It made my mouth water as I was trying to absorb and decipher all of the characteristics on the nose. Lastly, I couldn’t wait much longer to decipher any more clues in the wine, I tasted it. It instantly filled my mouth. It was round and smooth, the palate following the nose and carrying the flavour profile for quite some time. The oxidation showed through in a raisin-ated quality in the flavour, this is also where the fig and a bit of date identified – the dried fruit variety. The tannins were fine and round, nothing chewy. After one taste I was in heaven and wanted to re-taste the wine for the first time again.

So, I suggest if you can find yourself a bottle of this delicious elixir (VINTAGES 268146) somewhere where you are, buy it and try it. I have to warn you, if you are in Ontario it might be a race for who can find the last bottles. It is one of those “best buy” wines, and I believe it will have you talking. It has me!