I went to University for a degree in Hotel and Food Administration. While at school I heard over and over again how small the hospitality world is. I would also argue that it is quite segmented, and each segment opens itself into a smaller world under the general umbrella. One of these segments I refer to as the wine world.

I have mentioned before that wine is a strong passion of mine. It was about two years ago that I really became introduced to what wine has to offer. Over these two years I have taken courses, read magazines and books and have tried to familiarize myself as much as possible to the wine world. However, when it comes down to it, I am still an outsider looking into the world of wine. I am hoping that this will change soon!

I grew up in hospitality. My parents opened a Bed & Breakfast when I was eight years old. Though I thought that I would get involved in a different career, hospitality is something that I treasure and am perfectly comfortable with. I honestly can’t imagine doing anything else. It is not only rewarding, it provides its own set of challenges and every day offers something new. There are several things I love about the overall hospitality umbrella:

Number 1: Everyone is friendly, and goes out of their way to make someone feel welcome, comfortable and at home. It is a trait that is engrained in each of us.

Number 2: No one hesitates to help a fellow member of the hospitality world when asked. We all know that this is a network, and each individual is connected in some way.

Number 3: There is overall respect for each skill and segment. I feel that everyone has their niche, and once they find it and build their home in that niche, overall respect from the “umbrella” is imminent. We all can’t do everything in the world of hospitality. Each strength is emphasized by this.

Number 4: Though this can be referred to as a double edged sword – the hospitality world is a small one. The world is a big place, but once you get out their and explore what it has to offer, you will find yourself connected in way you can’t imagine. This is something I have heard much about, and I cannot wait to become part of.

As much as I love the hospitality umbrella, it is difficult at times to introduce yourself into one of the smaller segments. I have mostly been exclusive to the Food and Beverage aspect of the umbrella, focused in on restaurants. I have also been privy to the private golf club industry. Within these segments I am more niched to the high end level of service. The different restaurants and the only golf club I have worked at, have allowed access to a number of delicious and expensive wines. This of course has fuelled my love of wine and interest in the wine world. As I add to my repertoire and continue to add experience I am hoping to make more connections in the wine world, and find out what it’s like to be there.