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Though I still have not made more progress on my list of wines, I did refresh my memory of the delicious bubbly elixer – Veuve Clicquot Rose.

This past Sunday I took my best friend out for high tea at the Ritz Carleton downtown Toronto. It was in celebration of her coming marriage; a little something I wanted to do for her. Champagne is served as part of the tea experience. We were given two glasses of Veuve Rose (after ordering the Cuvee Catherine – an upgrade I thorough enjoyed!). Everything about the glasses of bubbles served at our tables screamed celebration! From the gorgeous light pink colour, to the slight strawberry nose, the small bubbles deliciously dancing across your tongue to the light berry and yeasty finish – this is a wine that is meant for toasting, for sharing, and for good times.

Tasting this wine again brought back memories of past celebrations. This is the power those tiny dancing bubbles have over the senses. And the flavour characteristics Veuve Clicquot Rose are hard to forget!