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About two weeks ago I looked through one of the LCBO’s Vintage Magazine’s. I created a list of wines that I wanted to try and come up with tasting notes on. They are as follows:

1. Ghost Pines, Zinfandel

2. Teliani Valley, Saperavi

3. Tawse Laundry Vineyard, Cabernet Franc

4. Decoy, Zinfandel

5. Rodney Strong Symmetry, Meritage

6. Cloudline, Pinot Noir

7. Genesis, Cabernet Sauvignon

8. Tableland’s, Sauvignon Blanc ’12

9. Swing & Roundabouts, Shiraz

10. Chateau d’Aurilhac ’09, Bordeaux

11. Bernard Alias Cuvee Hextor & Juliette Corbieres 2010, Shiraz/Grenache

12. Stobi Vranac 2009, Vranac

13. Santa Margherita Impronta del Fondatore, Pinot Grigio

14. Morgadioda Torre Alvarinho, Vinho Verde

15. Pedro Escudero Fuente Elvira Verdejo

This list provides fifteen wines to try. So far, I have tried two: Swing & Roundabouts, Shiraz & Ghost Pines, Zinfandel.

“Swing & Roundabouts, Shiraz” is a full bodied and rich Shiraz. From the Margaret River in Australia, it has deep and rich purple colour with a hint of garnet on the rim. The colour so deep it was almost opaque looking through the glass and it remained in the legs as the wine twirled around the glass. The nose was complex and evidence was there that this wine is still a little young to drink. There was evidence of fruit, mostly plum and black cherry. Behind the ever present fruit notes was the spice – mostly black pepper, but there was a hint of nutmeg, which blended nicely with the heavy toast of this wine. The oak and toast of this wine was a blanket that filled the nose, it was once you got past this that the fruit and spice notes really shone. The palate also showed this, but the fruit was more present, as was the spicy kick. A very delicious Shiraz.

“Ghost Pines, Zinfandel” was a delicious wine. Bold and fruit forward, rich and warm but not too heavy. Unlike the Shiraz, this wine was smooth and readily drinkable. The bouquet was almost all fruit and reminiscent of warm climates – ripe berries, especially blackberries, and plum. The toast in the oak added a bit of smokiness to the nose and palate, but there was no question about the fruit in this wine. An easy drinking bold, fruit forward wine.

It is time that I try some more of these wines on my list!