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I have recently returned to one of my favourite employers in a position that I truly enjoy. One of the great things about this place of employment is the huge wine cellar, filled with wines from all over the world – mainly France. It was here, a couple of years ago, that I got to try some of the best Bordeaux’s I have ever tasted. This place helped open my palate to the wonderful world of wine.

Within the past couple of years I have taken some wine courses at the University I was attending, partook in some group blind tastings, and taken my WSET Level 2 certification. My brain is full of tidbits of information about regions and grape varieties. I know, however, there is so much more to learn.

I was recently told of a book called “The Red Wine Diet”. The person who told me about the book is a doctor, and has read this book due to the information gathered on the antioxidant levels found in red wines. I am curious to read this book and to learn something new about wine, and what it has to offer. I am also curious if anyone has read this book, what they felt about it?