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I know it has been some time since I have written here, and it is about time I added a new post. So, I want to talk about my favourite subject of all – wine.

To me, wine can be categorized as many things, and introduced to people in different ways. Wine can represent the heritage and flavours of a country. It can take on a personality, or blend in with the crowd. It can be consistent and reliable like you’re favourite blanket, or unique and surprising. In any case, wine can offer a taste of what you are looking for – you just have to have the right wine for the right occasion.

As I mentioned in my earlier post, Pino Grigio is a favourite of my mothers. To her, this is the wine for every occasion, always reliable and delicious. I like to experiment with wine. I like to walk into the LCBO and search for something new. However, a good classic for me is Valpolicella.

Take, for example, a hot summer day, sitting on a patio – what wine would you reach for? Some might pick a red, some something sweet, but what about a very dry, refreshing rose? Or a dry, crisp Sauvingnon Blanc? The taste of the chilled, crisp wine hitting your tongue cools you almost instantly. For example, Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, deliciously crisp and wonderfully balanced, with the right amount of fruitiness in the taste of gooseberry and lychee. The flavours of summer, that refresh the senses and linger long enough to savour.

There are many pictures that can be painted with pairing a wine to an occasion. Many combinations of tastes that are waiting to be explored. It is the fun of picking and choosing a wine and playing with the tastes and textures to elevate your dinner, or summer day. I find wine to be a diversified commodity and accompaniment. This is the main reason why I love wine.

Off to finding new flavours and occasion combinations to write about!