How it all began…my affection for wine. I’ve thought about this for a time now, and I cannot pin-point the exact moment I decided wine was delicious. As with most great things, wine is something that needs to be slowly introduced, given time to settle into the palate and the senses. For me, this started at about the age of ten. At special family dinners, such as Thanksgiving, we were allowed to have a wine spritzer. This was definitely not in my vocabulary then, and it was more Gingerale then white wine, but it made me feel special and grown up. I suppose I accredit these family functions for my affinity to wine.

As with most beginners, I tried the “cheap” wines first. The wines that are mass produced, and provide satisfaction but no depth of quality, character or persona. These wines offer fantastic introduction to the general flavours of wines. In the summer,  Strawberry White Zinfindel, year round, light fragrant Pino Grigio (my mom’s favourite, so it was generally around), and other fruity wines that were good really cold. Spritzers became a little more wine and a little less Gingerale, but they were still a favourite.

White wine became known as approachable, characteristic, good for social occasions. Then the introduction of red wine. I cannot remember the first time I tried red wine. I think it was similar to my tastings of beer. My dad, prefers red over white, so I imagine I took sips of his red wine here and there. Helped me get used to the flavours, the sharper taste, richer characteristics. Through repeated introduction, I began to really enjoy the taste of red wine.

Through this process of constantly trying wine, I began to love it. There is no real clear moment when this was decided, it was a natural progression.

Since this point in time, I have continued to try wines. Some of my jobs have provided excellent opportunities for me to try expensive wines that I would not normally be able to try. Every time wine provides a new experience, aids in making an event better, or provides a comfort area on a rough evening. There are no limitations to what wine can provide, and it is exciting to get to experience the full realm of the wine world.